When I was a young pastor, I hiked alone to the very crest
of the Rocky Mountains that overlooked the Flathead Valley in northwest
Montana. Jan and I were pastoring a church in the valley below in the city of
Kalispell. As I stood atop the rocky ridgeline to my right I could see Flathead
Lake and to my left in the distance the Bob Marshall Wilderness. I stood silent
and still for several minutes. The view was stunning. As I looked below, I
noticed an eagle soaring upward in the air thermals. The eagle continued to
rise and finally landed not more than 10 feet from where I stood. He was huge. He
landed on the branch of a stunted tree that was struggling to survive in the higher
altitudes just above the timberline.

On the flight up to my location the eagle was continually
looking down the mountain at something that had gained his attention in the
valley below. Standing still, I made no
sound and simply took in the beauty of this magnificent creature. The winds that
crossed the ridgeline fluffed the feathers on his back. I could see clearly the
white-feathered hood of his head and his yellow beak. The eagle remained
perched on the limb for several minutes his gazed fixed on a small lake below.
Then in a graceful launch he released himself and floated back down the
mountain toward the lake and disappeared.

Today, as I recalled that event, the Lord began to speak to
me. He is calling some of you to climb to a higher place of observation. He
will join you in that high place to reveal things only visible from that
perspective. Critical next steps for individual lives and culture will be revealed
to those who are willing to climb higher above the obvious to see what cannot
be seen in the valley of natural sight.

In the climb to this higher place you will need to shed the
encumbering weight of pride, the restricting limitations of human logic and the
controlling nature of fear because the climb cannot be made with these added
weights. God is soaring the ridgeline looking for those who have successfully made
the climb and now stand waiting and wondering. The Eagle is about to land and
He carries a word.

This is a climb you must make alone. Do not wait. There is
timing involved. Today’s opportunity may not be present tomorrow. Pack light.
Climb strong and you will be positioned to see the Eagle land with fresh
revelation. He will show you what He
sees from the vista of His unrestricted vision. Upon your return from the
summit you will carry a word that will shift the outcome of your life and the
lives of those who have ears to hear.


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