The End of a Slack Tide Season

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Prophetic, Rest, Restoration, Trust | 0 comments

This morning, I heard the Lord say, “You are in a slack tide moment.” I had to go to the dictionary to find the definition of the phrase, “Slack Tide”. A Slack Tide is that moment of time between the incoming and outgoing tidal current – a moment of pause between high and low tide. One dictionary said it is a moment where the water is not stressed by current and has become slack awaiting a change of direction.

This word from the Lord was not a corrective word about being slack in a loose sense, but a word of expectation. It is describing a moment of time between changing seasons. Many of us are feeling something is about to change. We have been in a prolonged in between time waiting for new direction.

As I was writing this word someone shared a word today from Cindy Jacobs titled, The Year The Tide Turns. Others are beginning to prophesy the same thing. Change is coming to the status quo. Some of you have created lifestyles in a slack season that will be tested once the current begins to move in a new direction. The coming test is not meant to be a negative experience. God is sending this change of direction to give you an opportunity to rest and go with the flow of His Spirit. God is about to move you into something new and wonderful. When this change begins rest and trust the Spirit’s leading. Your destiny and the destinies of those you love, is directly linked to this change of direction and your willingness to move with its flow. You do not have to fight what is coming. It is a work of God.


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