The End Of Teflon Deceptions

by | Jul 31, 2016 | Culture, Freedom, Honor, Peace, Pride, Revelation, Trust, Truth | 0 comments

There is an abundance of conflicting opinion coming from a
wide variety of sources regarding the critical issues facing our nation. Listening
to this noisy crowd can become a dizzying experience. Some are beginning to wonder
who they can trust as a reliable source in the current news cycle of American

While contemplating this dilemma in prayer, the Lord said,
“This is a moment in your history when some in the political sphere will lose their
Teflon-like ability to deflect truth by having it slide away with carefully
crafted explanations and deflections. These surfaces have worn thin. Truth is
about to stick to these worn surfaces revealing the motives of the heart. This
will shake the false confidence many in my Church have placed in these
man-made systems.”

“While this sticking is taking place do not delight in what
transpires, but become humble in your heart realizing this same deception can
exist in you. I will cause truth to stick to lives that feel immune and
beyond the reach of my integrity. No longer will people be able to use a
political spirit to manipulate and deflect righteous confrontation. Truth is about to stick to the political pans
that have been used to cook appealing meals of deception.”


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