The End of Your Unstable Season

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Courage, Deliverance, Destiny, Dreams, Faithfulness | 0 comments

Some of you have been climbing upward with great toil for so long you thought this was the only way forward. You faithfully climbed the stairs of suffering and you know nothing else. But God has put you in a new place without your knowledge or permission. This new place remains unacknowledged by you because you cannot believe your season of struggle has actually come to an end.

God has placed you on a smooth, flat place where He is about to accelerate your forward progress. You have misinterpreted what has taken place. You still see the journey as a climb and you are trying to walk on flat ground like someone still climbing up a flight of stairs. You look and feel awkward like a newborn colt trying to find its balance for the first time. You think you are stumbling, but you are not. You are adjusting to a flat place.

In the climbing season you developed spiritual muscles designed only to climb. These muscles are now being adjusted to learn how to walk on a flat place of blessing. Your spiritual muscles are submitting to new and unfamiliar terrain. Give this adjustment the time needed to fully develop. When it is over, you will look like a young colt that finally found his legs and scampered across a green pasture with great joy.


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