The Fiery Pen of God

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Deliverance, Prophecy, Revelation, Truth, Wisdom | 1 comment

I saw a large sheet of parchment paper lying atop an antique desk. At the side of the paper were an inkwell and quill pen.  Words were written on the paper in precise and measured lines. It looked like an image from the 18th century.

As I continued to watch, a hand entered the scene. It was the hand of God. In His hand was the pen of heaven. He by-passed the ink well and the pen on the table and pressed His pen against the parchment. When the tip of God’s pen touched the paper a flame ignited between the paper and the pen. The Lord began to write over the words we had written about our lives and the cultures in which we live. His words burned away our interpretation. He began to write a new script.

While God can use His people to accomplish His will on earth there are some things that can only take place by His intervening hand. He is always at work beyond our most faith-filled prayers and our greatest acts of obedience. When these works of God invade our realm this is when wonder and awe are experienced. If we serve an image of God who is limited by our current level of faith and understanding, we will create a god who can only work within the limits of our script of misunderstanding.  

Some are relishing in the recent events in our nation. Others are living in fear. Another segment of our culture has given up and are living a life of retreat. Each of these responses can blind us to seeing what God is doing. Each camp in culture has written a personal script of interpretation defining how they think God has moved and will move in the future. 

The Lord is about to write over our words of presumption with the pen of heaven. The fire from His pen is not a fire of judgment. It is a fire of amazing revelation and intervention. While Jesus is same, yesterday, today and forever in His character, His methods are not. He is not limited to the pages of our interpretation. He is the creative God of our universe and beyond. He can write anything He desires even if it violates the script of our presumption.

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  1. Dr. Hazel Carter

    I like this and I found this sight as I was looking for pen of God. I am in the process of publishing a book of letters from God and I just wanted to see if there was anyone likeminded out there in the Kingdom.


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