The Fine Line of Faith

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Discipleship, Faith, Fear | 0 comments

One of the marks of a spiritually mature person is their ability to live with certainty in a place defined only by a fine line. A spiritually immature person feels the need to live behind thick margins created by a fear-based definition of life. They think distance protects them from the influence of the outside world. Fear and misunderstanding create these boundaries. Their by-product is separation.

Jesus lived comfortably with a life defined by the fine lines laid out by His Father.  Most of the people Jesus lived around could not see the fine lines He saw. Fine lines made His disciples uncomfortable and His enemies angry. Many who followed Jesus walked away from Him because they could not reconcile a life of faith defined by such a narrow margin. This abandonment still happens today when a follower of Jesus mirrors His example.

Never confuse a fine line with compromise. It is actually a place of revelation and supernatural impact. Ask God to give you the courage required to thin the lines of separation between you and the people and cultures that surround your life. The process will be uncomfortable at first because as your line of separation thins out, you will come face-to-face with people and situations you were warned to never approach when you lived a life defined by fear. At the border of that fine line is where your life and ministry will have its most significant Kingdom impact.


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