The Ultimate Futility of Social Censorship

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Prophetic | 0 comments

The sound of our voice can never be silenced if the sound we are making is truth spoken in love. When attempts to muzzle truth have taken place in human history, the truth those voices carried always seemed to get louder under restriction. The sound of truth has the ability to move through and around the obstacles placed in its path. Truth will always find its audience.

In the last year, I have read of individual accounts being blocked or censored on various social media platforms. Algorithms have been created to steer our Internet inquiry toward specific online resources in an attempt to focus our attention on a narrow slice of reality. I can understand some of this if a person is conducting illegal business or threatening to harm another person. But some of the recent efforts by those who control social media is an attempt to silence opposing voices and limit our access to their content. It has become worldview censorship and a mechanism to steer social awareness.

This is not limited to silencing the voice of the Church. It is an effort to silence truth no matter where it resides across the social spectrum. As these attempts to silence the voice of truth and reason become more prevalent and widespread, we will see the hand of God at work in remarkable ways. There is coming a supernatural increase in both the volume and breadth of righteous voices as they come under prohibition. 

We have come to rely on social media as a primary form of research and communication. It is convenient, immediate, and global.  While social media is all of those things, it is not supernatural. Only God is supernatural. He will reveal the hidden channels of communication He has prepared for this moment in our history. They will appear when He wants to make His voice heard. God will not be mocked, neither will His voice be silenced.


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