All of us interpret what is happening around us through the grid of our individual perception. These perceptions are formed by the experience of life, both good and bad. The longer we live the more grids we accumulate. These grids can cause us to misinterpret what is actually taking place in the world around us. As a result, we fail to properly examine the events of our lives with the discernment of the Spirit. At some point we trade reality for a false interpretation of the facts and assemble our lives around that misinterpretation.

God is different. He has no grid except love. Nothing clutters the space between God and humanity. This is impossible for us to fully grasp because the possibility of a life without these grids is beyond our ability to imagine.

Today, examine your grids. We all have social, political and relational grids that have been put in place by our response to their influence in our life. As you examine these grids ask the Holy Spirit to test their credibility and truthfulness. This will be one of the most challenging assessments you will ever make because as you remove these grids you will put in jeopardy some of your existing relationships. The current status of your life will be threatened with change and fear will attempt to halt the process. These jeopardies and threats take place because in the eyes of others you will be seen as a challenge to the interpretation of their shortsighted grids – the same ones that had previously held you captive.


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