The Greatest Battle

by | Apr 14, 2019 | Change, Courage, Faith, Freedom, Trust | 0 comments

In a life transition, one of the greatest battles you will face is to believe the best. 

When the reality of what we know and are comfortable with starts to change, we can easily become insecure because the things we once controlled are no longer within our control. And when we’re not in control, we can begin to believe the worst. 

Fear speaks the loudest when we feel our destiny is outside our control. We can begin listening to lies. If we allow these lies to remain unchallenged, we make room for a negative mental dialogue to develop that talks us into believing that we have a hopeless future. 

We fight the worst by choosing to believe the best about God and people. God is the supplier of the best. He is the one who is bringing a good future your way. Trust makes a way for hope, and hope is the hinge that your transition will swing upon. As you walk through this doorway, you will be imprinted with heaven, and you will carry that imprint into your next assignment. 

(An excerpt from the book, A Good Place)


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