The Healing Light of God’s Presence

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This weekend, I was speaking at a conference at Valley River Life Church in Eugene, Oregon. During a worship session, something unusual and breathtaking took place. It is always a joy to worship in a church where those who lead us not only possess musical excellence but the patience to wait and linger in the presence of God. In the lingering, where the clock and the morning program are no longer pushing us is where we can experience the unique encounters with God’s Spirit that many times go untapped because we rushed past them in a hurried sense of duty to the service plan.

As we sang the powerful Chris Tomlin song, “Good Good Father”, I had my eyes closed when I experienced a supernatural encounter with God. As I stood in worship with my hands extended to Heaven, I saw the bright light of God’s presence begin approach where I was standing. In the next moment, every cell, molecule, and atom within in my body separated and moved apart from each other. Then the light of God’s healing presence slowly passed through my body bringing healing and cleansing in its passage. I stood there overwhelmed at what had just taken place. I literally felt the presence of God pass through my body. 

When I was introduced to speak, and before I brought my planned message, the Lord had me minister what had just taken place. I asked all those with disease and sickness in their body to stand and to extend their hands in worship and invitation to the healing presence of God. I then invited the Lord to come as He did for me just moments before. As a creative and declarative act, I said, “Let there be Light!” I could see the same experience begin to take place with those, who in faith, stood to receive healing. It was beautiful to behold people being touched by the light of God’s healing presence.

I felt I was to extend that same invitation to any of you reading these words that are carrying sickness, disease or any form of relational or emotional damage. I invite you to stand now in God’s presence. Extend your hands to Heaven in a posture of worship and speak these words as an invitation, “Let there be Light!” God wants to pass through your entire being to heal, rewire and restore all that is broken and diseased. He wants to do this because He is a Good, Good Father.


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