The Illusion of Human Potential

by | Jun 6, 2015 | Change, Courage, Destiny, Discipline, Dreams, Future, Humility, Intimacy, Kingdom of God, Peace, Rest, Revelation, Wisdom | 0 comments

As you journey through life you will hear people speak of human potential.  Every human has natural potential, but this potential is not where the greatest breakthroughs occur because our human potential is limited by human intellect and ability. 

As you look back and reflect upon your life, you will come to realize it wasn’t your potential that made things happen – it was God’s presence and power at work in your life beyond your greatest personal asset that made the real difference.  At this point you will also discover the power and patience of God was at work in your life while you still lived with the illusion it was your potential that caused things to happen. 

One of the greatest freedoms you will experience comes when the limits of your human potential is unmasked and you realize what you considered your greatest natural strength was actually your greatest weakness. There is great joy in this discovery because it is in these weak places where God promises to do His greatest work.


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