With the recent passing of the prophet Paul Cain, Jan and I were talking about his life and calling. As we continued our conversation, Jan said, “Do you remember the time at a conference in the 1990s in Switzerland when Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, and Bobby Connor prayed and prophesied over us and a small group of pastors?” To be honest, I had forgotten that experience. Immediately, I began to recall the conference and what had taken place on that special occasion. 

Jan and I received an impartation that day.  Impartation was an unfamiliar concept for us at the time. But soon after leaving Switzerland, we began to experience a higher level of sensitivity to the voice of God. Spirit-birthed encounters also came our way that we could not have imagined. I believe some of what Jan and I are walking in today can be traced back to that moment of impartation.

I want to encourage those of you reading these words to understand God has moments of impartation planned for you. When an impartation takes place you will receive what cannot be gained through natural talent or human effort. It will be a work of the Spirit releasing from one person to another a special anointing for service. Paul did this with Timothy. It took place between Elijah and Elisha.

Once an impartation is released we need to steward its presence with wisdom and humility. Our character and integrity become the vehicle that carries an impartation and its anointing into new and unexplored relationships and encounters with God. 

I believe I was reminded of our time in Switzerland to remind me that fresh impartations are coming for Jan and me, and for others, in preparation for a new season in Church history. We need the anointing these impartations will bring in order to accomplish the Great Commission. Stay open and remain teachable and you will receive amazing empowerment that will enable you to accomplish the greater works of your calling.


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