The Overwhelming Power of Love

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Learn the art of Godly influence. This is not an influence achieved by status or position, but a Spirit-empowered influence that seeks the highest good of an individual and a culture. It is the influence of love.

It was an influence gained by the power of love that allowed God to use the early Christians to cause the collapse of the Roman Empire. The failure of Rome was not achieved by a misuse of military might, a lack of funding or the loss of political dominance. It was achieved over time by the on-going and never-ceasing influence of love. 

Julian the Apostate, the last pagan ruler of Rome, said, “These Galileans (Christians) not only feed their own but ours also; welcoming them into their agape, they attract them as children are attracted to cake. Whilst the pagan priests neglect the poor, the hated Galileans devote themselves to works of charity, and by a display of false compassion have established and given effect to their pernicious errors.  Such practice is common among them, and causes contempt for our gods.”

It was the influence of love and loving acts over time that shifted the hearts and minds of Rome. This victory was not the result of military conquest or a political party gaining power and control. This love was so powerful it caused the citizens of Rome to consider the reality of the one true God. The influence of love is what changed the Roman culture, and it will be what transforms our culture for the glory of God. 

The dying words of Julian revealed the power of love’s influence, “You Galileans (Christians) have conquered.” 


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