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There’s a lot of over-correction taking place in our world. We all have strong opinions and interpretations about how we should live life and in what direction we should be moving. Like a vehicle traveling at a high speed and its driver trying to avoid an obstacle in the roadway, a correction might be needed, but not an over-correction. 

Untrained and unskilled drivers when approaching an obstacle will typically over-steer causing their vehicle to spin out of control. At that point, they become vulnerable to secondary obstacles in the spin-out – things they did not see or expect to impact. The same is true when we attempt to correct each other. Over-correction can put us in places of jeopardy, some of which we never considered before the over-correction took place.

We live in a Kingdom that asks us to respond in the opposite spirit to the issues of this world that cause us concern. To avoid impact with those issues and keep us in line with the heart of God requires a measured and skillful turn toward love, honor, and integrity. Those three maneuvers will steer us clear of the collisions caused by an unnecessary over-correction.


  1. John Anderson II

    “Nudge” – an underused word that should become our “correction” best practice.

    Aircraft pilots know that their craft is off-course more than 95% of the flight, due to winds aloft and ATC traffic routing.

    Ship captains also find their vessels off-course due to currents, winds, and traffic at sea.

    Both “nudge” their craft toward the destination, and when they set their intended direction intentionally off-course, it is to gain the assistance of nature’s forces to bring them back on course rather than constantly fighting their environment. In fact, most will “trim” the craft’s navigation to automatically steer a little into the prevailing currents rather than fight it manually.

    Unless we are near enough to our destination that we can “set our face as a flint” toward the goal, we should follow the 11th commandment “faith, flexibility, and forgiveness win the day.”

    • Jane

      Beautifully-said, seasoned gents of land, sea, and air!


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