The Language of Honor

by | Aug 26, 2018 | Courage, Culture, Discipline, Honor, Kingdom of God, Mercy, Reconciliation | 0 comments

Speak honorably about people during their lifetime as you would speak about them at the time of their death. The opportunity to honor others, even those with whom we might disagree, will reveal the depth of our character.

Honor is a language that takes time to learn. When a person never learns this vocabulary their voice sounds shallow and demeaning, and inappropriate. 

The language of honor is not taught by everyone in the news media, heard as frequently as it should during heated debates in the public square or represented well on the unrestrained stage of social media. Honor is a language we must first learn in a personal battle with dishonor in our hearts. Once honor overcomes dishonor its victory can rise to renew our mind and release its content through our mouth and pen. 

Listen for the sound of honor. Follow its sound and you will discover the voice of God.


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