The Lyrics of Your Love Song

by | May 4, 2017 | Love, Marriage, Peace | 0 comments

This afternoon, I set aside some time to work on a project. I turned on
Pandora and listened to some music. A few minutes into the project, a song came
on by Vince Gill. He sang about the blessing of finding someone who loved you
in the most special way. It was so beautiful that I stopped my project and
reflected on the words of the song. 

Immediately, I thought of Jan and how blessed I was to have found
the kind of love revealed in the lyrics.
 She would be home in a couple of hours. That thought
warmed me in the deepest part of my being. Then the Lord said, “Tell those
who are lonely, I have not forgotten them.”

the Lord spoke those words, I realized it is hard for some of you to listen to
songs that talk about lasting love and the promise of companionship. For a
variety of reasons, loneliness has become a reality you have assumed to be
forever true. 

I want to encourage you to do something with those feelings. Go back and
listen to a love song and when those feelings of sorrow and loss come to visit,
take hold of them and give them to the One who knows what you need better than
anyone, including yourself. Put yourself in the lyrics of the songs and let
them become songs of promise, not of sorrow. 

Your Father has not forgotten you. He has plans for your life that will
be like the lyrics of a beautiful love song. Sing it with Him and someone will
hear your song-prayers in the Spirit and walk out of your lyrics and stand
before you as a gift from God.


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