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What has been frozen and unable to move toward the purposes of God is beginning to melt. A frozenness caused by sin, deception, and compromise is melting away to reveal truth and justice. This spiritual melting will enable individuals, families, cultural institutions, and the Church to be released to express the heart and will of God with increasing freedom.

Just as it takes time to freeze an object in the natural, so it is when our hearts become frozen over time, hardened, and insulated from the things that matter to God. Like a glacier, we become frozen and encased in our willingness to comprise with evil.

The melting that is taking place is a work of the Spirit. God wants to unlock all areas of our lives to express a freedom that is only possible when we live in submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ This freedom begins on the individual level and will eventually begin to influence the larger mass. For this to be possible, we must invite the Lord to come and examine our hearts. As we yield to the Lord, He will identify and begin to melt away the very things we have criticized others about without taking personal responsibility for our part in causing the larger freeze.

When one part of a large glacier starts to melt it will begin to affect the rest of the frozen mass. The first indicator that something new is taking place is the first trickles of the waters of personal responsibility and obedience to the voice of God’s Spirit. These first trickles caused by the melting ice are an indication that a mighty river of revival and reformation is beginning to form. 


  1. John J Anderson II

    Glaciers have also been known to preserve seeds that when warmed and planted, are fertile “Heritage” quality. Their genome has not been altered through natural processes, hybridization and genetic modification. As we thaw and begin to flow, we should also anticipate that God will restore certain offices, mantles, anointings, revelations and doctrines back to their original design.

    Planting these seeds in faith will bring an abundant harvest!


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