The Most Important Thing

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The way forward in God’s Kingdom is paved and empowered by our understanding of the Father’s heart. Without that understanding, our efforts will lead to a stale religious experience framed by a cold and distant image of God.

Ten years ago, when I began writing, the Lord directed my first efforts to the subject of prayer. As a result of that leading, the book, Prayers from the Throne of God was created. Leading up to the writing of that first book, I had been seeing and reading about thrones literally everywhere. The Lord was trying to get my attention. In the process of that season of revelation, I discovered the reality of praying from our position in heaven seated with Jesus at the right hand of the Father. This was not as some positional theological point, but our current reality. Paul said we are seated with Christ, not that we will someday be seated with Him. We are dual citizens carrying rights and authority from two realms.

The Lord began to instruct me how this Heaven to Earth kind of prayer works in the form of declarations, decrees, and prophecy.  We DECLARE the Father’s heart for a preferred future that our circumstance might contradict as a possibility. We DECREE the victory of Jesus Christ in His death, resurrection, and enthronement above all powers. And finally, we wait and allow the Spirit to download prophetically the unique insight and wisdom of God. We then PROPHESY those prophetic instructions into our world working with God to make His heart for the object of our prayer a reality.

In this three-part process of prayer, the most critical element is to know the Father’s heart. Nothing moves forward without this understanding. We cannot declare His will if we do not know His heart. Knowing the Father’s heart is not a guarantee at the moment of salvation. A lot of believers have stepped over the threshold of a salvation experience, but sadly spend the rest of their lives living like slaves, not as a beloved child of God. As it is with prayer, everything of value and significance in God’s Kingdom is sourced from a healthy and accurate understanding of the Father’s heart. 

Today, if you are trying to discover your next step forward seek first to know the Father’s heart. That is your way forward. If a relationship is stalled, try to find out how God sees the two of you and work together to make that image your shared reality. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, somewhere along the way you missed the Father’s heart for your wellbeing. A healthy and balanced understanding of prosperity is discovered when we know God’s love for us. It is never too late to experience something new when we know the Father’s heart and allow that understanding to lead the way.



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