“The Next Big Thing” by Garris Elkins

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As a pastor, I receive some of the latest information about what is taking place within the church world.  A lot of what I read is the search for “The Next Big Thing” coming to the Church.   

Over the years I have seen this search take people on a quest for larger churches, the latest in staff structures, new ways to preach to disinterested people, and the list goes on and on.  This never-ending search for “The Next Big Thing” is a journey that can lead to frustration, performance and compromise.   

I have come to realize the only “The Next Big Thing” I care to invest my life in is a new and fresh move of God’s Spirit where the unexplainable and immeasurable works of God take place.   

Many times a life given to the pursuit of “The Next Big Thing” leaves in its wake a disconnect from the only thing that really matters – His presence. Out of His presence flows all that is valuable and worthy. The early disciples sought His presence in worship in Acts 13 and from that gathering the ministry to the entire Gentile world was birthed and that experience with His presence is still being felt today.

In this season of life and ministry, I am giving God permission to recalibrate the direction of my life and all that I pursue in His name.  I believe that many of us with this similar passion will see God begin to do “The Next Big Thing” in our midst which has always been the only thing.

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  1. teresasinger

    Really looking forward to our gathering in October Garris!

    Disconnect is a great description~truly enjoy reading your thoughts.


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