The Older I Get

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Change, Death, Eternity, Family, Favor, Fear, Freedom, Honor, Hope, Marriage | 0 comments

The older I become, the more I am able to shed a quick tear over a country ballad. I find myself holding a special attachment to a pair of old weathered boots on their third resole. The memories of a faithful dog now gone and of friends whose relationship I hope to someday retrieve after things fell apart. Of a wife who grows more beautiful to me with each passing day. Each of these memories has a unique place in my life history.

There is a sweet surrender in the process of growing older. Somewhere in your future, it is my hope you will feel these tender embraces.  They put so much of life in a right perspective. 

In all the years I have lived, God has always been present in each passing moment wanting me to see what I see now so clearly. Open your eyes early in life to the goodness of God and to the goodness of life itself. It will change the taste and feel of your present, and it will make the journey into your future one of a profound and growing thanksgiving.


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