When the Lord began to speak to me about the reformation currently taking place, He said it would be a reformation that began with a sound – the sound of truth spoken in love. As I pondered the subject, I watched a video that gave me an image of what this reformation will look like at its beginning.

The video presented a blind astrophysicist from Puerto Rico, Dr. Wanda Diaz-Merced. Dr. Diaz-Merced lost her eyesight as a child. As she entered her field of research she pursued the study of the universe and its composition. Dr. Diaz-Merced said, “Everything in the universe has its own voice, has like its own personality.”  In her research, she found that life forms have a sound signature and together each element played in concert with other sounds to become like a symphonic orchestra. Dr. Diaz-Merced shared that the science of the universe is discovered inside the sound of that orchestration. She finished her presentation by saying, “If we only see with our eyes our perception is very narrow.”

Like the sound of God’s voice uttered at creation, our voice has creative potential if love is what empowers our sound. Miracles of supernatural transformation are embedded in human lives and culture. They are like seeds waiting to be germinated by the sound of our voice.  The harvest of this miraculous crop will be the fruit of the reformation.

As I write, I can still see an image of Dr. Diaz-Merced sitting at her desk with headphones on listening to the sounds of the universe. That is the image of a reformer. Someone who can hear the sound of the Spirit and then release that sound in their assigned sphere of cultural influence. Everyone can make this sound. When we speak the truth in love we become part of the orchestrated sound of reformation in culture. This is very similar to the sound heard in the unformed universe when God uttered the first sentence ever recorded, “Let there be light.” In this reformation, we will become the creative voice of God calling forth the elements of human lives and social structures to more accurately represent the heart and purpose of God.



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