The Power of Alignment

by | May 24, 2014 | Deliverance, Faith, Forgiveness, Future, Hope, Obedience, Redemption | 0 comments

Some of your life is out of alignment with the
purpose of God. Like two gears out of synch with each
other there has been a missing alignment between the gear of heaven and your
life. Your forward motion has stalled.

You need to stop trying to make this alignment work by forcing the gears to engage.  Just stop, listen and rest.  Watch how God is moving.  Once you sense the rhythm of His Spirit press
your life into His and you will engage your destiny once again.

Some of your gears have been stripped in your past attempts at alignment. God is in the process of resurfacing the gears of your
faith that have been worn down in this challenging uphill journey.  Trust His handiwork to form your faith to fit
His plan.  Once you merge again with God there
will be no stopping what He has set in motion.


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