I use a writing program called Grammarly.  Grammarly was suggested to me by a friend who is an accomplished, best-selling author. The program has been very helpful. It has revealed the places in my grammar that need improvement.

Each month, I get a copy of my grammatical errors. My most repeated error is in the use of commas. Commas, when properly used, separate parts of a sentence to make it more readable. Commas are like taking a literary breath. Without them, a sentence can appear crowded and run together. Maybe each of us can learn something from the proper use of commas.

In our world, there appears to be a great deal of breathless conversation taking place. People are passionate about their positions, both social and theological. In these intense conversations, we need to discover the power of a pause. In a moment where we provide a conversational pause (a verbal comma) is where the Spirit is given time to drop a fresh word of revelation into our mind.  The content of these words can move the conversation past just another hurried attempt to prove our point or bolster our current position. 

God has a lot to say at this moment in history. Those who make room for a Spirit-directed pause will be the ones who receive the kind of revelation that is able to communicate most clearly the heart of God and the way forward. The words released after these conversational commas are inserted into the dialogue will be the conversations that carry the greatest potential for change. 


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