The Promise You Carry Together

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Dreams, Fathers, Marriage, Promise | 0 comments

Last night, I had a dream. I had forgotten about the dream, and just now, the Lord reminded me of its content. I was going to wait until tomorrow to share what I saw, but I feel it is time-sensitive and needs to be shared today.

It was a simple and very brief image of a husband and wife walking off into the distance, hand-in-hand. I could tell they were carrying an extra load of emotional weight, but their faith was not wavering. The Lord allowed me to see with a form of spiritual x-ray vision into the area between their clasped hands. They were carrying a seed of promise. As they walked together, they were moving forward into a new season where the seed would be dropped in fertile soil that had been prepared for the arrival of the seed by their prayers and faithfulness.

The seed you are carrying has potential beyond your imagination.  All of God’s promises for you are yes in Jesus. The small seed of promise you two carry has a “yes” written on it. Right now, you don’t know where or when the seed will drop. God will let you know the right time and place. Until then, keep moving forward in faith. You will experience an increasing joy that comes from living in an expectation of God’s goodness and faithfulness to perform what He promised.


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