Some of you have
experienced a delay in what has been promised. You feel like you have been in a
spiritual holding pattern waiting for the promise to manifest. You are
beginning to feel restless.

God could be
holding off your landing in a place of promise for a number of reasons –
reasons that involve the positioning of people, resources and the timing of
culture. You may never understand the purpose of the delay this side of
eternity. That should not be a problem or hinder you in any way unless you have
allowed the need to know to so preoccupy your thinking that you lost your

As I write these
words, I heard the Lord say, “Ask them to give me their need to know.”
Immediately, I knew what He meant. The need to know the reason why something is
not taking place can become our only focus. This becomes a false focus that
puts us on a dangerous heading that will lead us away from the safe landing God
had originally planned.

One reason for
the delay you are experiencing is to give you the time needed to refocus your
sight and recalibrate your thinking. When this process is complete, you will be
cleared for landing. When you finally touch down in the place of promise, the
delay will make sense because you will have landed in a placed prepared by God
and you will see the reason why He asked you to wait. Trust Him with the
timing. A holding pattern can only become a negative experience if you allow
your demands to displace your trust.


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