The Return of Sweet Memories

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Dreams, Faith, Family, Favor, Fear, Future, Grace, Healing, Hope | 0 comments

This afternoon the sun came out and passed through my truck window to warm my face in the middle of a cold winter day. As soon as I felt the warm sun rays, Bob Marley’s reggae song, Jammin’, came on the radio. In a moment of memory, I was transported back to Kingston, Jamaica, where our family lived for a couple of years. As the song played it was 1993 again and I was driving my jeep down Constant Spring Road. It was a gentle memory just like the feeling of a warm winter sunray.

Some of you have been slogging it out for a long time with family issues, job challenges, and simply wondering what the future holds. The Lord in His kindness is bringing back some beautiful memories to remind you of what was, not as a reminder of loss and something never again to be experienced. These memories will come with an assignment to remind you that if God can do a good thing in your past, He can surely do it again in the present and in your future. 


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