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In the coming days, many who have walked away from the Lord will awaken spiritually. Some have misread this wandering thinking that the wanderers were moving farther away from God, but the Lord had another plan in mind. These rebellious ones were being led in their rebellion to a Damascus Road experience where the Lord will recapture their hearts. That encounter will be precise in both time and geography and will reconnect them with the fulfillment of their destiny.

If you know of a rebellious wanderer and have prayed for them for a long time, do not give up. The moment of truth is near. The single most important prayer you can utter at this point is to ask the Lord to prepare the wanderer’s heart to experience an encounter with Him. All that God has planned will follow that encounter.

Those held captive to a grace-less religious spirit will look upon these encounters with suspicion and offer criticism regarding the validity of what has taken place. The courage displayed by these encountered wanderers will not stop to listen to the prohibitions offered regarding their refreshed faith. Some of the future leaders of the Church will be among these redeemed wanderers. Choose now to be a receiver and an encourager of those who return. They will be some of our most faithful, loving, and impactful co-laborers in God’s Kingdom because they will have experienced the depths of God’s mercy.


  1. Mike Kludt

    Perfect ! And God prepared their heart, so that they may respond.

    • john zacher

      I have a whole band of wanderers in my prayer life, bring them home.

  2. Janet

    Wonderful encouragement. Thank you, Garris.

  3. Heather

    I love this! Thank you ❤

  4. Judy Harmon

    I pray that The Holy Spirit will prepare my son’s heart to receive that Damascus Road experience! I’ve been praying for 4years but believe God can do the impossible!!


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