The Rise of Cultural Prophets

by | Oct 5, 2019 | Change, Courage, Creativity, Deliverance, Future, Healing, Justice, Kingdom | 0 comments

In each cultural revolution in human history, it was the poets, musicians, painters, writers, and cultural prophets who first publicly portrayed the enslaving injustice of their time – an injustice ultimately against the heart of God. These expressions of prophetic revelation took place across all spheres of cultural influence. They were the first to be silenced by those in power because they had the ability to move around the limitations imposed by media and governmental control. Their expressions created jeopardy for the status quo. 

God is raising and releasing prophetic people who will create the imagery, sounds, and script of a reformation that will express both the angst of our culture and the heart of God. The ability to connect our anxiety with the resolutions provided by God will help us know if what we are spending our time, energy, and resources on is part of the solution or something that only fuels the flame of further social discontent and offers us another trip around the same mountain of despair.


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