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When an individual or a group of people have been groomed to think in a certain way without a deeper inquiry into what is true their minds become almost impenetrable by new and conflicting information. Revelation, not information, is the only thing that has the potential to break into the prison of a mind held captive by the bars of deception.

As people of faith, we can too easily assume that if we provide someone with more facts or if they experience a catastrophic event it will change their thinking. Such things rarely facilitate lasting change. After 9/11 Billy Graham said of the full churches the week after that sad event that people would soon return to their old patterns of life and forget their need for God. He was right.

This morning the Lord impressed upon me that fresh revelation is coming. This level of revelation is not about the presentation of a new set of facts regarding the affairs of our world. It will be a deeper form of revelation that will not be sent to prove any of us right. It will come with one mission in mind – to reveal the Lord. These revelations will be like it was for Paul on the Road to Damascus. They will forever alter the course of life because they produce a profound change in a person’s soul. Examine a list of people or institutions you have told are so committed to evil that they are beyond the hope of change. God is coming to reveal Himself to those individuals.

Those revelatory encounters with the Lord should be the focus of our prayers as a significant shift of global institutions is currently taking place and another national election cycle is approaching. An encounter with Jesus is the only hope that can produce lasting change in a person and as a result, change the direction of a nation.

When so much is going sideways in our world it is tempting to abandon the hope that such revelation will ever come. Without that hope, we will fail to take part in the prayers that will produce the kind of change we so desperately need to see in our world. It will also reveal the condition of our hearts.

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  1. Julie Bowman

    Thank you Garris! This brought so much hope for me today. I’m so grateful.


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