The Scales of Truth

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Justice, Kingdom of God, Trust, Truth | 0 comments

Many are feeling overwhelmed and confused with the flood of “evidence” that supports opposing positions and opinions. The Lord is bringing clarification that will reveal what is true and what is a lie. At first, the evidence of Heaven will appear small and insignificant, but that revealed truth will change the imbalance on the scales of social order that is causing so much concern.

As I pondered these thoughts, I saw the image of a set of scales. They looked like the scales of justice. One side was heaped high with false evidence. It was an overwhelming amount of false evidence – a severe imbalance. 


Into the image walked a solitary figure. In their hand was a very small weight. It seemed insignificant as it was placed in the center of the unweighted side of the scale. As the truth was placed on the scale, it caused the scale to move down with such speed and force that it created a surprising crash. The items of false evidence heaped on the other side of the scale had no corresponding weight to resist the weight of truth. All the false evidence fell off the scale and no longer remained.


Nothing is over until the Lord reveals His truth. The content and timing of that revelation are His to determine, not ours. The weight of truth is coming, and when it does, the justice of Heaven will be revealed. God’s justice is empowered by His mercy.  His mercy is a heavy spiritual substance. It has the power to unweight the darkest plans of Satan.



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