The Simple Moments

by | Jun 19, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

It’s going to be hot for the next few days here in southern Oregon. The “low” temperature last night was 61. That would be a nice warm day if it happened mid-winter. I was sitting in my writing chair long before the first faint light of the new day appeared. Finally, the morning emerged atop an eastern ridgeline. I opened all the windows, and doors to allow the cool night air to enter our home. It was so refreshing. A chorus of birds was singing in the dawn. It was one of those moments where I experienced a simple, uncomplicated pleasure and a resulting peace.

We all need to return to a simple and uncomplicated relationship with the Lord.  So much that is going in our lives and the world wants to draw us away from the simple and uncluttered beauty of His presence. Some of these issues are valid and important on their own merit, but they were never supposed to be our primary focus. The beauty of a cool breeze moving through our house this morning brought a refreshment similar to what happens when He becomes, once again, our everything.

The Lord is calling many of us back to Him to be refreshed and restored to our original purpose.  This is a return to our first and most uncomplicated love. It is good to retreat to that place often, even under the weight of criticism from those who do not understand the power of a season of isolated and restorative rest.  


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