The Sin of Gloating

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Prophetic | 4 comments

Gloating over the misfortune of another person has become a default response by some to the sorrow experienced by those who hold opposing views. Gloating is an indicator of the sad condition of the heart of the gloater, not the person who suffered an injury because of what the gloater deemed as the cause of their misfortune. This takes place with regularity in some of our news outlets. I saw one headline today where a man’s death was offered as proof that his position on a particular subject was, according to the nuance of the headline, the cause of his death. It lacked heart and compassion. The news lead was a form of gloating crafted as a subtle rebuke.

Be careful if you choose to align your voice with a spirit that gloats over the misfortune of anyone, even those you deem as the enemy of the good. One of the most profound and memorable texts in all of Scripture begins with the words “For God so loved the world…” (John 3:16). That kind of love can never be extended to the world if we allow our voice to join the gloating chorus of “I told you so” when sorrow visits people who according to you or me might have a faulty worldview or a misguided understanding about an important subject. 

Redeemers are never popular when they choose to swim against the currents of culture not allowing their message or mission to be highjacked for any purpose other than the kind of love expressed by John 3:16. We are moving through filthy and unkind social waters. Keep your heart pure so that the pollution of the surrounding culture does not overcome the goodness you carry. 


  1. Sarah Bishop

    So very true!! I have encouraged people to pray for mercy for President Biden and have been met with much anger and hatred!!

    • Loretta

      I agree with you. I have prayed for him to be bound and all who are hurting our nation the same. Joe Biden is an empty vessel and it is heart breaking to see how they are abusing such a feeble old man so as to have our country torn apart. God gave us all our rights and our Governments job is protect them!!

  2. Arlene Sarver

    So true and so timely is this message this morning. May we all check our hearts to discern our motives and take the correction of the Lord. Though not easy, I am praying for those who I see with not only differing views but seemingly bent on division and chaos. I am asking the Lord to bring His rod and His staff to correct and direct us all to the love and unity that He desires.

  3. John Curtis

    From his heart, Garris. Thanks.


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