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In a dream, I saw a series of speakers that had been prepared and placed in our nation that would announce a false alarm. The plan was to create a diversion of our attention. The placement of the speakers was not happening only in the United States. I saw other speakers being placed around the world that would be used to intensify the sound of the alarm. 

No matter how intense these life-shattering false alarms become, God is up to something greater. Understanding God’s truth about our personal relationship with Him and the Church in the future will appear like someone remaining calm as they wear sound protectors while walking into a very loud and disorienting situation. Our choice to wear our ear protectors will calm the outside noises and help us hear the whispers of encouragement from the Lord that will align our response to what is happening.

As you walk through the increasing intensity and panic that will appear when the false alarms sound, you will appear out of touch with your surroundings as you protect your ears. That is the nature of a life of faith. It will see what is not yet seen and hear what is not yet heard when the sounds of fear attempt to drown out the sounds of belief.


  1. Jennifer

    Amen and Amen! 🙏🏼🇺🇸🦅

    • Cynthia

      With actually working in the field of helping people hear (hearing aids), this post is really great.

      Current technology allows us to fine tune and custom tailor hearing aids for every patient. We can remotely set the volume based on high/low frequency’s, word/sound comprehension, sudden loud noises, directional hearing, removing distracting scratchy, echo sounds etc. Once set to the patient’s hearing and liking, then they are given control through their phone’s Bluetooth.

      How similar this to what the Spirit of the Lord has already shown us!

      Spiritually speaking…Jesus is the only Creator of the top of the line hearing device:

      • He first lets us know we need to hear ‘Him’ better

      • He tests our ‘hearing’ (loss can come through sin, trauma, genetics/generational etc)

      • He then sets the baseline (Cross of Calvary) in each of us to better comprehend His voice

      • He shows us the features and benefits of learning to recognize and to hear His voice

      • He gives us control, via His Spirit, once He can trust us to understand how to operate the controls i.e. ‘direct’ conversations to what/who we want to listen to, ‘raise/lower’ volume to reduce the sounds and distractions of false alarms.

      • He then releases us to live everyday life using these new “hearing aids”

      • Then over time we walk in it, taking note of things that bother us. It’s through prayer that we have a two-way conversation with the Creator

      The ‘sudden loud noises’ feature in hearing aids, protecting us from the false alarms and fear mongers, is a feature that has already been built into the baseline. It’s there. We just need to learn how to walk in that feature because the benefits far outweigh the cost of our flesh.

      This is what the Holy Spirit has done for us…Eyes to see, ears to hear. Now we go tell others, give them God’s word and make better hearing disciples letting them know they too can hear God speak. Or as it’s referred to in Hawaii “talk-story.”


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