The Sound of Prophetic Afterburners

by | May 15, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

As the crow flies, we live about 50 miles from the 173rd Fighter Wing based in Klamath Falls, Oregon. This is where Air Force pilots train in F-15’s to support combat missions. Every so often a group of these jets will fly over the mountains and land at our local airport. A few weeks ago, during their departure, the jets went into a full combat departure mode. The roar of the engines was intense and echoed across our valley. The sound caused people to look skyward.

Commercial jets don’t sound the same. Their noise emissions have been tamed down to abide by sound abatement restrictions as they fly in and out of populated areas. When I heard the sound of the departing jet fighters it was comforting to know that we have brave men and women on alert 24/7 ready to engage threats most of us will live an entire lifetime without ever realizing their existence or comprehending their threat potential.

The sound of the fighter jets presented an image of a new season in prophetic ministry. This new voice will not be sluggish, packaged in overly theatric or garish imagery. It will be agile, raw, and tactically effective without unnecessary trappings. These voices will come from unimagined sources and places. They will be like fighter pilots waiting at the ready until a threat appears and an alarm sounds initiating a scramble for their mission. Once airborne, they will shift into a prophetic afterburner mode delivering their payload at the speed of their faith and under the power of the Spirit. Their words will shake the windows of our consciousness as they deliver the word of the Lord.

Most of the time we only need passenger jets that travel on prescribed routes and altitudes filled with vacationers and business people traveling to peaceful destinations. There are other times when a fully armored military jet is required to deliver its payload with precise and devastating impact when a life-endangering threat is detected.  We are living in a time where unimagined threats are incoming in both the spiritual and natural realm. I can hear the distant rumble of approaching prophetic words. They are locked on target ready to engage and destroy the most devious plans of the enemy firing the missiles of truth into the heart of darkness. 


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