The Sound of Your Voice

by | May 5, 2017 | Courage, Faith, Honor | 1 comment

Up to this point, your life has been like a background singer providing vocals for a well-known band. You have stood at the back of the stage out of the limelight faithfully adding to the harmony of the sound you helped create. What you do not know it was actually the sound of your voice hidden in the mix of the other singers and instruments that actually drew the crowds to the performance.   

Those on center stage were not the main attraction. It was the sound of your voice that caught the ear of the audience. This promotion is coming because you have not pursued advancement or made a way for yourself. It will be the fruit of your humility.

You are about to be invited forward to take a microphone on the stage of culture to become a voice for God. Stand in that new and unfamiliar place with the same humility you manifested while singing during the background years. You will be amazed at the impact your voice will have on your waiting audience.

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  1. Unknown

    I stumbled along this blog and am so thankful I did! Keep writing! Your words are such a blessing! Thank you!


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