The Spirit of Debate

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Holy Spirit, Revelation, Spiritual Warfare, Teaching, Truth | 0 comments

Once, I was asked by another believer if I would consider a debate. I said, “No.” When asked why I replied, “Because one of us would walk away being considered the winner.” I was pressed further and shared, “When the world looks at the Church I want them to see humility and oneness, not winners and losers.”  

The greatest knowledge is gained through revelation, not in debate gotcha moments. There is something called a spirit of debate. This is a real spirit that desires to draw us into confrontations disguised as religious inquiry with a covert mission to bring division and disillusionment. Paul described these misguided debates as “foolish discussions” and “useless and a waste of time.” 

If we develop a sensitivity to the Spirit, He will lead us into all knowledge without the need to debate with anyone. Jesus affirmed this when he told His disciples, “When the Spirit comes, he will lead you into all truth” (John 16:13). The Spirit has come and He is ready to lead us past the foolish arguments of man into the depths of revelation if we are willing to say no to the challenges made by a spirit of debate.


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