The Steel of Healthy Relationships

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One of my favorite movies is Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. In the film, Morgan Freeman plays Azeem a Moorish warrior who is a companion to Robin Hood played by Kevin Costner. In one scene attention is drawn to the sword carried by Azeem. He comments it was made from the finest Toledo steel, referring to Toledo, Spain. For centuries the small city of Toledo produced some of the most battle-worthy swords in the world. They were known for their strength and durability in combat. “Toledo steel” meant a sword made of layered steel with an iron core. This gave the sword flexibility without breaking in battle.

When Jan and I lived in Europe, we traveled through Spain several times. On one trip, we visited Toledo. A goal of mine was to purchase a chef’s knife made by the craftsmen in one of the Toledo cutlery shops. The knife in the attached photo is that knife. I have been using it for over twenty years. It is of such quality that it appears to never have been sharpened though it has many times. It will last the rest of my life because of the quality of material and craftsmanship.

I shared the history and photo because they remind me of healthy relationships that last over time. There is a unique quality about these relationships, whether as friends or spouses. These relationships are not cheap stainless steel serrated edge junk masquerading as a quality chef’s knife. There is a quality in the materials of these relationships that give them strength over time and durability in seasons of intense use. They last a lifetime because they were crafted by people who honor each other and offer the gift of forgiveness and mercy repeatedly over a lifetime. Those relationships will be able to cut through any challenge that comes their way because they were forged with the steel of two hearts yielded to the will of God. Choose to be that kind of steel.


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