The Stranger

by | Apr 20, 2014 | Dreams, Favor, Hope, Identity, Intimacy | 0 comments

God has created you as a unique person. There is only one of you. The very breath of God fills your lungs. There have been many attempts to blind you from seeing this reality. Some of your life has been built around unchallenged lies that have whispered to you that you are less than the person God has created. 

Ask God to reveal how he sees you. All personal identity must come from how He sees you. Some of this revelation may be so stark in its beauty that at first you will dismiss what you see as the image of a stranger. The stranger is actually you. This is a person you have never met before. Invite the image of this stranger into your imagination to help renew the thoughts you have about yourself.

This is the time to dismantle the lies and discover the new, fresh and amazing identity God has prepared for you. Once you and the stranger meet and become one, you will walk into a place of personal destiny you never thought could exist.


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