The Tide is Turning

by | Dec 6, 2020 | Prophetic | 2 comments

A subtle shift in thinking is taking place. People are waking up and seeing their reality from a new and different perspective. Those who at first saw the restrictions of our government as reasonable and even defended their implementation now realize a change of direction is needed. While there is some wisdom regarding the initial government requests for public health and safety, those requests have become demands that are over-reaching and restrictive beyond the reason of law, science, and personal liberty. 

Yesterday, I sensed the tide turning in my home state of Oregon and specifically in the southern part of the state where Jan and I live. I see the groundswell of a new reality coming to the surface. People are saying “enough.” This is not about rebellion or having a rebellious mindset against authority. It is merely saying people can make wise decisions in concert with our government, not be dictated to and controlled like an immature child. 

There are times when we can no longer allow unwise agendas to remain in place unquestioned and unchallenged. This is more than demanding our rights. It is about loving our neighbors as ourselves.


  1. James Moyer

    and not being willing to negotiate away our God-given rights under our constitution. May the tide of His righteousness wash away the corruption and tyranny.

  2. Robin Sturm

    My husband and I are also finding ourselves saying, “ENOUGH!”
    The struggle is how do we “resist” what we believe is coming from an evil agenda – while resisting in a way that honors God.?.
    How would Jesus say “enough!”?
    This issue is so divisive and we are amazed at how many believers do not see what is going on in the spirit realm!
    They say “we are called to be ‘peacemakers’ so we should not resist.



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