The Train of Destiny

by | Jan 30, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

What is taking place in your life isn’t a derailment even though it may seem that way. The Lord has laid a new track into new territory requiring a course correction. The old track was not able to lead you to the destination God had originally promised.  

You are not alone in what you are experiencing. Not only are individuals beginning to experience this derailment from a previous life-track, but entire social groups and even nations are undergoing a significant change of direction. 

At first, fear will arise in the minds of many thinking the derailment is an out-of-control experience meant for death and destruction. The Lord has another plan, a good plan filled with hope and the promise of a new future for those who are willing to trust Him with the destination.

We are only passengers on this train of destiny. The train, the tracks, and the destination are the Lord’s. He is the One responsible for our safe arrival. We can trust Him. 


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