The Universe of Faith

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Prophetic | 1 comment

I listened to an astrophysicist talking about deep space travel. The astrophysicist said our current power and fuel sources would not allow humans to travel into the depths of distant space because of their limitations. He suggested that someday in the distant future, we might discover an ability to enter a parallel universe and travel at unimaginable speeds over extreme distances of time and space not imagined in this realm. The astrophysicist suggested we are surrounded by parallel universes that might offer us that possibility. The problem we have is not knowing how to access these unseen universes based on our current understanding of reality.

Someday we could discover something like a parallel universe that our minds cannot yet fully comprehend. A challenge will remain with that discovery. These parallel universes function around their particular concept of time and space. Even if their versions of time and space can be eventually calculated and measured, they will have their limitations because all versions of space and time are created.

As I listened to the astrophysicist’s presentation, I thought of our relationship with the Holy Spirit. His realm of operation is not limited to our concept of time and space. Whenever we are following the Spirit, we have entered a realm without limitations. Crossing over into the realm of the Spirit is accomplished by our faith, not math or physics. We don’t have to wait for a distant future to arrive where new forms of math and science will allow us to access an unseen world. 

Today, the Lord wants to release measures of faith to His Church that will allow us to access the realities of Heaven on Earth in ways that will astound those who believe. This kind of faith will be mocked by those who have crafted an understanding of faith limited by this world’s restrictions. Be the one with a childlike faith who believes in possibilities beyond what can be seen or measured. This kind of faith will experience a similar sense of wonder as someone who looks through a telescope into the depths of space and considers the possibilities.

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  1. Opa

    Interesting. The last 2days been thinking /sensing that what if God is much bigger than I have ever imagined and have i ever learned in the past. That He is way bigger than my theology? What if He is much bigger, greater, vaster than Christian teaching has ever conveyed? Interesting post I may even be in the right track with this. Thank you


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