What was previously hidden is about to be revealed. What was spoken behind closed doors will be shouted in the city streets. God is about to release supernatural revelation to bring freedom to individuals, cities, and nations.

When Jan and I planted our first church we lived in a rental house in Kalispell, Montana. Our home was Grand Central Station for all things church. We turned one of the bedrooms into a kid’s room. Jan had a women’s Bible study in our home during the week. Since the church at that time was only a handful of people and we wanted as many women as possible to attend the Bible study, we hired a young woman to watch the kids recommended to us by one of the women in the church.  

I happened to be home the when the Bible study was taking place. I was studying in our master bedroom to give the women the room they needed to meet in our living room. Soon after the Bible study started, I heard some noise coming from the kid’s room that was a bit off from the normal sounds you would expect. Placing my ear against the wall I listened. I was shocked. The babysitter was yelling at one of the kids and speaking the most demeaning words. I could only imagine what was happening in that poor kid’s heart as those vicious words entered his tender ears. The boy and his parents had trusted us to provide a safe and affirming environment and that trust was being violated in a gross and inappropriate way.

I walked out of our bedroom and entered the kid’s room right as the young woman was finishing her demeaning statements. I let her know that is not how we treat children and it was time for her to leave. I paid her for the full morning and took over her duties. Later that morning her equally immature boyfriend called to cuss me out and call me out. I told him that would a bad idea for his personal health and for the inflated image of his manhood he was now trying to defend over the phone while the former babysitter cheered him on in the background.

When this story popped into my mind after having lain dormant in my memory for so many years, I knew there was a reason. As I processed the memory the Lord spoke to me. He said, “The walls are thin. What has been hidden is about to be made known.”

Some of you are about to be made aware of situations and information normally hidden from view. God is positioning you to hear what is taking place behind closed doors. God will reveal to you hidden motives. What you hear will be given to you for the rescue of people. Cities, regions and even the destiny of a nation will be determined by what the Lord is about to make known. That knowledge will intervene and interfere with harmful and dishonoring scenarios that would have played out to an evil outcome had the Lord not positioned you next to a thin wall in the realm of the Spirit. 


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