The Way Forward

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When the way forward in any area of life is not known, our heads begin to swivel, looking for direction. We need to be careful in these moments that we do not yield to desperation or fear. When the pathway seems blocked and a stall has taken place, our ability to trust and rest in the wisdom and faithfulness of God, not an outcome, is paramount. 

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  1. James Moyer

    Attributes of an American Bald Eagle

    VISION An eagle can see straight ahead 50 miles and spot another eagle soaring. Yet its second focus side vision can simultaneously keep track of its own immediate environment. It can see four times better than perfect human sight. It sees way beyond what other birds can see. It has translucent inner eyelids that allow it to keep seeing even during blinking. While soaring high as 10,000 feet it can spot fresh meat opportunities over an area of three square miles. Since its night vision is minimal, the eagle is drawn to the light and goes to roost when it’s dark, and then closes the outer eyelids to sleep. No vision, no moving.

    COURAGE It is fearless in defending its territory, brood, or meal. When its talons, beak, or feathers no longer work as needed, the eagle will physically rip them out and wait while new replacement parts grow to do the job.

    DEDICATION An eagle mates for life. While capable of quite aggressive action away from the nest, eagles are the most tenderly attentive parents and teachers of their young among birds. They literally carry their young on their wings during flying lessons. If the offspring is a reluctant learner, the parent eagle will destroy the comfortable nest so the youngster is given no choice but to fly. During these times of encouragement, the parent’s call changes from screeching to one uniquely like singing.

    OVERCOMING When an eagle encounters a storm it locks its wings and uses the strong winds to provide rapid lift to soar above the clouds into the clear light of day. Yet in calmer skies, the eagle’s feathers are extremely sensitive to even the most subtle air movements of light zephyrs and updrafts. It will stay on a perch if there is no air movement while being sustained for days on the residue of previous meals stored in its crop. But its first choice is always fresh meat.

    RISING A rising eagle is considered a type of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. In Revelation 4 the face of a flying eagle is the last in the series of four creatures before the throne; the (1 kingly lion, the (2 sacrificial burden-bearing ox, the (3 overcoming man and lastly the (4 seer, searcher, mover in the wind of the spirit with a God-given vision. These are attributes of the Christ, and by inheritance, His joint-heirs. These end times are the days of the flying eagle anointing with dreams, visions, and prophetic proclamations given by the One who said, …“I will guide thee with mine eye”.


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