This Dullness

by | Apr 16, 2014 | Dreams, Faith, Future, Hope, Rest, Trust | 0 comments

This Dullness

This dullness in your soul will soon pass. It feels like all
the unique edges that defined you in the past have been rubbed away. You feel
like your life has become stalled.

This sense of dullness has a purpose. God will use this time
to redesign your life for a new season. This dull place has made you feel like a shapeless lump of clay sitting
atop a potter’s wheel. God has
positioned you in this place to begin a process that will reshape, reform and
repurpose your life.

Do not assign a permanent definition to what you are feeling. Things are about to change. This is only a
stop along the way – a page in a single chapter of your life-book. Momentum
will soon return. God is preparing to take you somewhere that is not yet
visible. Trust His preparation for the coming journey.  


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