This is a Time of Reset

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The Lord gives me a word to carry for each season. It is a personal word but also a word I share in each setting where I am invited to speak. I minister the essence of the word with specific additions of content that would apply to a particular audience. The word I am carrying in this season is “reset.” God is resetting the course of individual lives, businesses, ministries, and governments. Without a reset, we will enter the next season guided by assumption, not revelation.

This reset is actually part of an equation that will allow us to receive the fresh revelation required to enter and navigate through a new and unfamiliar future. Here is the equation: Reset + Refocus + Rest  = Revelation.

RESET: A reset moves us back to the original intent or meaning of something. This is not going back in history. It is actually resetting us to be able to move forward and create a new history. Some have drifted away from the original intent of God living in a static representation of Kingdom life. God is resetting our priorities to His original blueprint to get us moving forward directed by His original intent.

REFOCUS: Each new season requires a refocusing of our efforts. This refocus will create simplicity. It allows for a greater focus on those few things God has called each of us to accomplish. It will require that we say no to some things currently on our plate and yes to things we had not considered before the refocusing took place.

REST: Many have allowed the busyness of life and the demands of others to rob them of rest. Rest is where God does His most significant work in us. Those who have learned how to rest will be used by God to engage great exploits in His Kingdom. This rest is purposeful, calendared and sacred. It is larger than just taking a day off each week. It must become a lifestyle – a 24/7 way of thinking and living.

REVELATION: This is the product and goal of the equation. This is not a repetition of past revelations. It builds upon what has been revealed in the past and adds new insight not previously considered before the reset took place. These are breakthrough revelations that will show us the way forward through the obstacles we face in culture, in the Church, and in our most intimate personal relationships. Some good people will not experience these revelations because they are unwilling to enter the initial reset that might radically shift the focus and current direction of their life. 

Fear will be your greatest enemy as you move through the equation. Fear will create errors in our spiritual math if allowed to remain unchallenged. Fear has no place in your future or in any spiritual math you might calculate as you consider the next season.  God will be faithful to walk you through this equation if you ask Him for help, obey His instructions, and trust Him in the journey.

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  1. Unknown

    Thank you for sharing, Garris. I am experiencing a great 'reset' and as you have stated, fear is right there with me as it tries to hinder going forward. Trust and patience is what I hear from the Lord. My marriage is on the line but I know God is faithful as I continue to press in and just worship Him.


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