This One Seed

by | Nov 6, 2014 | Faith, Miracles, Provision, Restoration, Supernatural, Trust | 1 comment

You are holding one small seed of faith in your hand. Before you an immense and unplanted field of opportunity exists. Your seed looks insignificant compared to the size of the field. God is about to change your understanding of potential.

God is asking you to walk out into this barren place and plant your seed. The moment you plant the seed an explosion of green will take place. Life will begin to emanate outward from that original planting like the ignition point of an atomic bomb. This explosion of new life will move out beyond your current level of faith into the new place God is leading you. This new territory will become your possession. 

You have no idea of the power and potential of the seed you hold in your hand. Your barren place will become a field of endless green productivity because this one seed planted in faith will set in motion a process of supernatural multiplication.

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  1. jamie ferguson

    So I prayed last night about that seed. Litterally. About being in a barren land. Having carried it 16 years thru drought and wars and personal attacks. I had prayed for 16 years that it would be a spark that would light the nation on fire. That it would be like a smoldering ember that once the wind of his spirit blew upon it it would explode into an atomic blaze and bring His people back to life inside so that they would grow.

    Thankyou. I was ready to give up.


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