This Unusual Calm

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Faith, Future, Hope, Prayer, Rest, Trust | 2 comments

The relational storm has passed and you are now surrounded by an unusual calm. When all the verbal debris began to fly you found a safe place to hide in the presence of God and this is why you are still spiritually alive.

Don’t be too quick to try and sort through all the things that have been uprooted and broken. God does not want you to reassemble the elements of your life to only return to how it was before. This is what caused the storm in the first place. Something different is coming. Wait for God’s new set of blueprints to arrive before you begin any reconstruction process. Your only task now is to thank God that you made it through this storm alive.


  1. Anonymous

    I am hopeful for the new blueprints. I truly am.I love to build for my King. The last battle left me crushed and fearful I would never be able to build again. Satan has thrown everything he could to lower me and crush me. I did survive the storm. I did. IRd been difficult to sit back and not want to clean up the pieces and place them back in order. I am RELIEVED to know that what is past is gone and a new set of blueprints will be given and anew aassignment is coming.. that I can still be useful. Thank you.

  2. SIS!

    These are such good "words of wisdom and direction from our Lord Jesus". This is something that I encounter myself..too often..So, I will go to this truth as I go through.
    Drema Hearn


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