Every dream began when someone stopped long enough to ponder a new reality. God is inviting each of us to a place where we can ponder with Him so He can reveal what has not yet been imagined. From within that place of availability to God, dreams will be released that would not have been seen had we not stopped to ponder something more.

I know a man who worked for IBM in the infancy of the company. His job was to meet each day with a team of five others and ponder possibilities. He said he was paid to look out a window and consider unrealized possibilities and applications for the technology being considered. This group would then send the results of their pondering to another team who would distill the thoughts and images down into some of the products we use today, products that came into being because someone took the time to look out a window.

A dictionary definition for the word “ponder” means, “to think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.” There is a benefit to having times when we ponder spiritual matters beyond what we confidently think we fully understand. Pondering gives God a place to come and reason with us and show us more.

If we are not careful we can assume and even make it appear to others that our current understanding of life and reality needs no further input or development. This is not the mindset of one who ponders the expanding edge of God’s revelation.

God is inviting you to ponder with Him dreams that exist beyond this moment waiting to come through the portal of our pondering to become a reality. If you can pause and allow yourself the time to ponder, you will begin to see something so much larger, something only seen by those who ponder.


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