Recently, I noticed someone was writing on social media about the Throne Room of Heaven. They spelled Throne Room as “Thrown Room.” I am sure it was an example of spell-check-gone-wild. I smiled at the implications.

The Throne of Heaven is not a static place. The affairs of the Church are directed from this place of ultimate authority where each believer now sits in Christ at the right hand of the Father. There are heavenly declarations and decrees being released at this moment from the heart of God literally thrown into the midst of desperate situations.

Some of these thrown revelations will be received by those of you who need an immediate answer or divine intervention. God never releases anything from heaven to earth out of frustration or impatience. Those emotions are not His nature. His act of “throwing” is the precise and focused release of revelation that is weaponized and has the capacity to knock over every opposing force that stands in the way of what has been promised.

Today, God has thrown from the Throne supernatural missiles of revelation and intervention that will soon be arriving in the difficult situations of your life. They will produce amazing outcomes – outcomes that will throw the enemy off course and remove the obstacles that stood in your way.


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