Transforming Trojan Horses

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

Trojan horses filled with a variety of deceptions have been created and rolled into the center of our churches, communities, and institutions of culture. At first, there was a sense of excitement for those who were carried inside the horse. They felt they were on a mission for the good, but once they arrived at their destination, something changed. 

While still in the belly of the beast waiting for the command to exit and accomplish the planned takeover, they did not hear the enemy they had been warned about. Instead, they heard truth, honesty, and a commitment to righteousness from those who walked around the horse looking on in curiosity. It seemed like all was going well inside the horse until a murmuring began within the ranks of the troops who stood at the ready waiting for the door to open.  Their unity of purpose began to dissolve as they realized, by the revelation of God’s Spirit, they had been duped.

The Spirit of God is never hindered by the enclosure of a deceptive plan no matter how unique or well-executed that plan might appear. The Lord is speaking His truth to those living within enclosures of deception. The word of the Lord can move unhindered through the walls of these enclosures to transform the human heart. The human heart is where the enemy’s plan is defeated. A gentle whisper from the Lord carries greater authority than any plan of evil or the threats issued to instill fear.  

Do not lose hope no matter how well-crafted a lie might appear. Trust in the faithfulness of God. In His faithfulness, He wants none to perish, even those on deceptive missions with evil intent. Soon Trojan horses of deception will begin to unload allies who were transformed in transit, not enemies. They will join forces with those who they previously saw as their opposition. This turn of events will defeat the plans of the enemy revealing supernatural turnarounds no one expected.


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